Ohana Media Group DJ Accused Of Assault


Kedrick D’Kelley Johnson, also known as KJ, co-hosts the morning show on Ohana’s R&B KFAT-FM in Anchorage. He’s facing felony assault charges after he reportedly beat and choked his girlfriend. He denies the charges and says he was trying to break up a fight between his girlfriend and another woman.

Johnson is facing three assault charges, according to The Anchorage Daily News. The paper is reporting that “Johnson’s girlfriend told police she was approached by another woman as she was walking from the house, and the woman confronted her to ask if she was having a sexual relationship with Johnson. Johnson’s girlfriend told the woman she was dating him.”

According to a charging document, when the girlfriend tried to leave, Johnson pushed her into the vehicle, where she hit her head against the console. It goes on to say that when she tried to stand up, she slipped and fell on the ice, then Johnson allegedly picked her up and slammed her into the truck and choked her.

According to KTUU-TV Johnson has been placed on administrative leave. The station also posted this statement from the station: “Ohana Media Group does not condone domestic violence of any kind. We support due process and await the results of the investigation before commenting further on this legal matter.”


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