Make Sure The Shoe Fits


(By Charlie Sislen) Convincing a business that either does not use radio or does not advertise at all is a daunting task. It takes an investment in time and sweat. An investment that, when you close that first deal, although rewarding, it initially may not appear to be worth the effort. However, the real reward is in building an enduring bond with that advertiser that leads to repeat business.

Nothing is worse for your success — and our industry’s — than a first-time advertiser that says, “I tried radio and it didn’t work.” OUCH! How do you diminish the likelihood of that outcome?

The best way to improve your odds of a renewal and recurring revenue is to make sure that your radio station is right for that potential advertiser. Sometimes this is obvious. Any Sports radio station not taking advantage of sports betting is missing a layup. It does not take research to fully understand the fit between a particular format and that potential advertiser.

However, sometimes it is important to document why your station is right for a potential advertiser. Using your local market, Scarborough, you can show an advertiser that the demographic profile of that advertiser’s customers are similar to your station. This can include:
· Age
· Gender
· Race
· Geography
· Income
· Education
· Lifestyle.

This not only shows the good fit, but also demonstrates that you have done your homework and know who this business’s customers are.

Another way to show the right fit is just either showing that your station is right for this advertiser and that you have the reach (cume) or profile (composition) for that advertiser or category. Simply documenting that your station’s audience matches the advertiser’s target customers cannot only help close that initial deal, but will make way for long-term success.

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  1. Research and data are great; it’s also great to tell a prospective client, “Every week we have consumers listening to our station(s) that are in the market for your product/service. By creating a compelling ad (message), to the right audience, with the right frequency, and consistency, with a call to action that will get them to call you or visit your website, this campaign will work!”


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