How WTOP’s Michelle Basch Executed A Successful Podcast


Here’s a great example of how the radio industry is crossing over into podcasting to create compelling new content, generate non-traditional revenue, and extend their brands. Michelle Basch is a reporter for all-news WTOP in Washington, DC. When she saw what was happening to Tangier Island, VA, population 460, she wanted to investigate. But Tangier Island is a story that cannot be told in a 3-minute segment amongst many other stories, traffic, weather, and commercials. Enter podcasting.

Click on the Going Under logo to listen to all 5 episodes of the podcast

Michelle started researching why Tangier Island is sinking into the Chesapeake Bay back in late August. She finished her work in early December. The good news about being an employee of a radio station, and the resources that come along with working for a supportive radio company, is that you are fully employed while working on a project you love — and one many others have to refer to as a hobby.

In our interview with Michelle, we asked her specifically about being able to work on a project, having all of those resources. We asked her about the challenges she ran into during the production of the 5-part series. And we asked her to give you as much advice as possible on how to execute a successful, professional-sounding production.

Michelle Basch and the WTOP team are hosting a live streaming party on Twitter Wednesday, December 19, at 8 p.m. You’ll be able to ask Michelle questions. So follow her on Twitter @mbaschWTOP. You can listen to all five episodes of Going Under HERE.

Listen to our interview below



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