Hispanic Podcast: The New England Market


For many years, Spanish-language radio stations have taken a stab at targeting the segment of the Hispanic communities across New England with programming believed to be of interest to this audience.

Few have had success. A “lone wolf” has perhaps reaped the rewards of Hispanic radio in this region. That would be the Ledyard, Connecticut-based operation that recently changed its name from Red Wolf Broadcasting Co. to Full Power Radio.

In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson chats with Full Power founder John Fuller about how his company has grown thanks to stations offering two distinct English-language formats and the Latin pop-fueled “Bomba Radio.

What advice does Fuller have for broadcast companies seeking to emulate what Fuller has accomplished, not only in Hartford but also in nearby Springfield, MA, and New Haven?

It’s all here in this 15-minute podcast.



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