Boomer: Carton Situation Is Sad


Thursday had to be an uncomfortable situation for the WFAN morning crew. The topic of former co-host Craig Caron’s conviction on bilking investors millions of dollars came up. Boomer Esiason addressed the issue head on stating he wasn’t shocked about what his former colleague did, he was saddened. Here’s more of what Boomer said…

“I think all of us are saddened by the news. We had all held out hope that Craig would somehow find his way out of what he got himself into. There are victims in this case. I don’t want to in any way shape or form take away from what they’ve had to deal with over the last 14 months.

“Every morning we would walk in here and he was the professional that basically led this radio show for years and years and years. And it was unpredictable, but every day was a different day, and we never had a cross word when we left this studio, and we never, ever got into any sort of arguments, disagreements or anything with the exception of maybe once or twice about other personalities on this radio station.

“So yesterday when the news came down I wasn’t shocked. I was saddened. I was saddened for his family. I will miss Craig. I have missed Craig. But the show here goes on. And unfortunately for you, Gregg, you’ve had to inherit that chair, and that chair obviously comes with it a lot of responsibility and everything else. You’ve done an amazing job in your own right trying to make the show what it has become between you and I.

“It is just a sad closure of just 14 months of uncertainty. For anybody out there who’s ever had anybody in their life whose dealt with any sort of addiction, drugs, alcohol, gambling, this is a cautionary tale about how your life can spiral out of control and how it can affect so many around you, including your own family, people that you work with and the people that you try to do business with on the outside and last night there was a moment that I had where I said, I can’t believe it’s finally come to an end and it led us to where we are today.

“There were victims. There’s Craig, there’s us, there’s the station, there’s the Barclays Center, there’s Brigade Capital, there are his kids, his wife, there are his own family and friends that are out there probably feeling the same way we are this morning.”

Listen to the audio HERE


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