Hispanic Radio Podcast: Local Growth, Hot Market


Nine years ago, Paul Danitz joined a locally owned radio broadcasting company with stations serving much of Palm Beach County and the communities surrounding Lake Okeechobee. He took on the role after two previous roles at companies offering Spanish-language programming to its listeners.

Today, as Director of Sales of Glades Media Group, he is seeing a strong level of success with two distinct radio brands targeting Latinos across this region of South Florida. And, he’s accomplishing this in ways big corporate-owned stations in the larger Miami-Fort Lauderdale market are not.

Could the achievements seen by Danitz and Glades Media be replicated at your group of radio stations? This 20-minute Hispanic Radio Podcast, hosted by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson, could provide strong insight and intelligence leading you to make the plunge into the ROI-filled world of Hispanic radio.


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