Shock Jock Book Chock Full Of Juicy Bits


Talk radio host Anthony Cumia is set to release a new memoir this fall. Titled Permanently Suspended: The Rise and Fall… and Rise Again of Radio’s Most Notorious Shock Jock, this marks Cumia’s first collaboration with publisher Post Hill Press and will be distributed by Simon & Schuster. Today, Cumia is the co-host of the popular Anthony Cumia Show, however, the jock is most well-known from the legendary, nationally syndicated Opie and Anthony Show. Permanently Suspended is an all-access pass to the controversial mayhem that ensued on-and-off the air.

Permanently Suspended finally answers some red-hot questions: What really happened between Opie and Anthony? What was the reasoning behind the multiple firings? What prompted the tweeting about the Times Square NYC incident? What is the true account of the controversial allegations? What are the never-before-revealed details of Anthony’s stint in rehab? What does the future hold for his livestream podcast? These questions, and many more, will be answered.

Permanently Suspended releases from Post Hill Press on November 20.


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