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Current Vice President of Podcaster Relations for Voxnest and Spreaker Rob Greenlee (left) joins us for the first half hour of the show. And former Atlanta and Houston morning man Moby will join us for the second half-hour of the show.

Greenlee, a 2017 inductee into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame, is former Head of Content and Partnerships at Spreaker. He was also the EVP/CTO at and former Content and Business Manager, Podcasts/TV at Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Zune. Rob currently hosts the podcast, Wednesdays at 3 p.m. PST and co-hosts Live Sat. at 9 a.m. PST/Noon EST.


Syndicated Country Music Hall of Fame DJ, and former Atlanta and Houston shock jock Moby in the Morning recently launched his own podcast and we spoke to him about how it’s going, and why he’s doing a podcast, in the second half of this week’s Podcasting for Radio Dummies.

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  1. Has anyone spoken to the blatantly illegal aspect of iTunes, Google, Spotify and all the other major players rebroadcasting musical content without identifying it or paying any royalties on it? This is the question I have for all the experts. Everyone pretends that it’s the other person or entities responsibility while the musical artists are getting nothing. It has to be either the producer, the XML feed podcast hosting supplier or the end suppliers I mentioned above, but so far no one is paying or being asked to identify the songs so that a payments can even be made. SoundExchange is once again asleep at the switch and taking no steps to collect or enforce the DMCA (yes I know the MMA is coming). The lawsuits are just around the corner and everyone will be paying big time.

    • HUH? All of the major streaming players (iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube) have direct royalty deals with the labels, and pay royalties directly to SoundExchange. Everything those companies do, and the way it’s done, has been cleared in their contracts with the labels. TTBOMK they don’t have to ID songs or artists in the stream, but they must report the plays of every song, with the complete metadata, to SoundExchange. If your podcast plays any music, that music must be reported to SoundExchange. However, I didn’t hear any music in the RadioInk podcast.

      • Sorry but there are no direct deals with most labels. And with PODCASTS, no songs are ever identified for the listeners and as far as I know and have seen, none of the podcast hosting companies who aggregate and provide the XML links to iTunes and the rest don’t ask for nor provide any means to input and ID the songs from the actual podcast hosts and producers. So if you produce a two hour podcast of only music for example, no one knows what songs are included and no artists are paid anything for the use of their music.

        • If you read the terms of service for any podcasting host, it says very clearly that they don’t assume any responsibility for content. It’s all incumbent on producers to report music usage. Same with distribution platforms such as iTunes or Google Play. If someone is playing music in a podcast and not reporting it, it is a crime. If you have specifics, report them to SoundExchange.

  2. As a former Spanish language radio host, once I found podcasting and witnessing the advantages of being heard around the world, instead of just my local AM broadcasting area, priceless. I Love your new podcast it is the future within radio.

  3. Great first episode! I listened on whatever player was embedded in the RadioInk web page. On that player, there is no easy way to go back 15 seconds or 30 seconds. There is just a single 30-minute-long waveform that you must drag through. The longer the podcast is, the harder it is to drag a finger just 15 seconds. Fifteen seconds is less than one percent of 30 minutes. Please tell your hosting company to give us a “go back 15 seconds” button like other sites (like WNYC Studios) have. I’m a broadcast engineer who notices the little things.

    • Another way to get good skip-ahead and skip-back functionality is to use a podcast app on your mobile device. Some of them even let you set the values so you can fine-tune the length of the skip to match your needs. Just a thought.

  4. Congratulations on the start of the new podcast! I think it will fill an important role in bridging the interests of radio and podcasting. In advance of availability in the podcast directories, is there an RSS feed we can subscribe to?


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