Valuable Advice For Latin Seniors


reVolver Podcasts has produced an original, limited-run podcast, Caminos al Éxito y la Felicidad that focuses on living your best life at any age. Sponsored by over-50 organization AARP, and hosted by author, motivational speaker, social media influencer, and radio and TV personality María Marín, Caminos al Éxito y la Felicidad aims to give Latinos practical information on how to maximize their success in three important areas: health, wealth and love. The show begins this week, and consists of two episodes with celebrities who are experts in these areas.

“This spring, AARP launched Cincuentañeros which aims to change outdated perceptions on aging and offers a fresh perspective on how to age,” said Yvette Peña, VP of Multicultural Leadership for AARP. “Through salud, dinero y amor themes, AARP effectively communicates to Latinos its social impact agenda of health security, financial resilience, and personal fulfillment through a strong cultural lens.”

“Thanks to our relationship with María and AARP’s sponsorship of the podcasts, we’re bringing our Latino audience members an engaging experience on the topics that matter most to them,” said Jack Hobbs, President of reVolver Podcasts. “Cincuentañeros and salud, dinero y amor are themes that resonate among all Latino audiences, regardless of age.”

The podcasts were recorded live during the 2018 Hispanicize conference in Miami.

You can find the Caminos al Éxito y la Felicidad podcasts, or any of your favorite reVolver Podcasts at, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and iHeartMedia.


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