Scripps Betting Big On Stitcher


Stitcher was given a new logo and brand identity, Tuesday. Stitcher has become the primary brand for The E.W. Scripps Company’s podcast operations. Scripps also announced that Stitcher is now the parent company of Midroll (podcast advertising) and Earwolf (comedy network).

Stitcher CEO Erik Diehn said the changes reflect the transformation that has been underway for some time at the company to attract new advertisers, listeners, and top creative talent. “Our combined brands and companies – Midroll, Earwolf, and Stitcher – were all individually early pioneers and leaders in podcasting. Earwolf was one of the first podcast networks; Midroll helped create and grow the podcast ad sales marketplace; and Stitcher was one of the first true podcast apps. Each of these has evolved and thrived individually, and today we mark the beginning of those pieces coming together to form the world’s strongest end-to-end podcast company. Under the combined Stitcher brand, we will connect talent, listeners, and advertisers in new and exciting ways and help millions of new listeners discover this incredible medium.”

The company boasts that it delivers more than 100,000 podcasts. Stitcher also creates original content and offers listeners a premium service with 20,000 hours of podcast content.

To support its growth, Stitcher continues to expand its content, ad, and production staff and has opened new state-of-the-art studios in New York City and Los Angeles.


  1. Brand logos matter not. More than 90% of the users will get your podcasts on iTunes. The other 10% will be from GooglePlay. No one will be searching for Stitcher.


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