Judge Denies Carton Request


The very outspoken former WFAN sports talker tried to keep his defense plan quiet and away from federal prosecutors who allege Carton was involved in a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme. Following the charges, Carton resigned from his co-host chair with Boomer Esiason. He’s now doing a podcast and has criticized the current show on his former station.

The New York Post reports that a federal judge used a Post story to deny Carton’s request to keep defense documents from the prosecutors who have charged him with fraud.

Judge Colleen McMahon rejected Carton’s request to submit the documents to only her because apparently Carton feared the documents would give away his defense strategy. Meanwhile, Carton has been out in public talking about his case, claiming his innocence, most recently on WABC with Sid Rosenberg, where he also took pot shots at the Boomer and Gio show over on WFAN.

The judge said Carton’s argument doesn’t hold water because Carton’s defense is already known, and she attached a New York Post article quoting Carton talking about his innocence.

The most recent Post story says the filings suggest Carton “was a professional gambler who placed bets at casinos around the world on behalf of investors — not someone who used investor money to pay off his own gambling debts.”

It’s coming up on a year since Carton had to resign after he was arrested for allegedly being part of the $6.5 million Ponzi scheme to pay off millions in gambling debts. He’s expected to go to trial in about two months.


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