Podcasting For Radio Dummies Is Today


Radio Ink is introducing a brand new weekly podcast every Friday morning LIVE at 9 a.m. Podcast Movement 2018 was rock-solid proof that radio needs to be more involved in podcasting. Our goal with “Podcasting For Radio Dummies” is to teach you how and why you should jump in the deep end of the podcasting pool. No more dipping your toe in the water. And we are already lining up the guests…

Podcasting IS the new talk radio.

Podcasting IS where listeners are turning.

And podcasting IS continuing to grow.

At Podcast Movement in Philadelphia we witnessed first hand the many superstars behind those podcastiong microphones. They are creating fresh and exciting content and they are having the time of their lives doing it. There’s no reason your radio station shouldn’t be looking for creative local talent and putting them in front of a podcasting microphone. Radio’s farm system is back, it just looks a little different than it used to.

Our guests will include former radio hosts who have become successful podcasters, podcasters making big that never made a dime in radio, and most importantly, podcasting industry executives. They know everything about podcasting. They are in that space every day. They live and breathe podcasting. They are the ones who can explain step-by-step how you can become a successful podcaster.

We’ll also talk about the companies you should consider using to help you get your podcast off the ground. We’ll discuss the equipment, who the hosting companies are, how much they charge, the difference between a download and a listen, how to market your podcast, and much more. And we’ll give you stats every week. Stats that will show you how this industry is steadily rising.

Advertisers are taking notice so don’t be as slow at getting into podcasting as you may have been putting your arms around digital. Digital isn’t going away and neither is podcasting.

More details will be coming but plan on listening next Friday at 9 a.m. Eastern for the live show, and look for the link to listen on-demand immediately after.

Episode #1 – August 17 – Successful Podcasters Tina Nole and DJ Klyph
Episode #2 – August 24 – RawVoice / Blubrry.com CEO, New Media Show host and Podcasting Pioneer Todd Cochrane
Episode #3 – August 31 – James Marriott – Head of Podcaster Relations & Operations at Podcast Websites


  1. Podcasting may not be the cat’s ass for big brand advertisers, but little guys can reach their niche users for very little cash.
    A podcast is also a great place for a sponsor interview, shareable content with long-tail results.
    I can take a few hundred bucks, get you in front of a few thousand in my niche, write a couple blog posts about your product or service and drive measurable traffic to your site. The traffic continues after your advertising ends, because it’s staying in my archives.
    I have sponsored posts that are 3 years old, still getting over 1,000 hits a month.
    My rules are simple.
    1. The product or service must be related to my niche, and I have to like it. I really have to be willing to stand behind it.
    2. I only work with sponsors who take some ownership in their sponsorship by providing a guest/cohost from time to time.
    3. If they refer to “the talent,” I back away. We’re in two different worlds.
    My biggest advice to radio hosts getting into podcasting is to use that long-tail to your advantage. Today’s show could get thousands of downloads every month for a couple years.

  2. Nope. There is a huge advertising gap here. When it comes right down to getting exposure for my clients, I can’t possibly test the waters of podcasting. Advertisers want more and more ROI and unfortunately, I have to use the commonsense rule: go with what gives us results. Believe it or not, mainstream radio still delivers and TV “cord-cutting” is not as prevalent as one might think.

  3. While I don’t think it is a fad, podcasting is not an area radio is equipped to, or even willing to succeed in. This is another example where Radio gets all excited but will never commit to resources to do it properly or successfully. Podcasting is a creative venture requiring time, passion, talent, and most importantly. Podcasting is a creative bench. It requires time, talent, and most importantly original content.

    Radio long ago turned its back on long form talk formatting in favor of cheaper and quicker on air operations. But now it is going to jump into podcasting? With what? Regurgitated snippets of the morning guy reading quirky anecdotes he found on Reddit? This is almost as funny as a few years ago when everyone in radio thought they were going to “dominate digital” by streaming their on air signal and making the ops manager write a four sentence blog post every few days.

    All while real radio continues to wither on the vine.

  4. This is only an attempt by this magazine to get additional advertising dollars and sponsorship. It has nothing to do with showing broadcasters the way in the podcast world. Podcasting is a fad on its way out. Amazon/Audible just closed up its own podcasting efforts. Stick a fork in it. It’s done. Now, let’s get back to resolving radio’s real issues, instead of adding to its problems. There was a time that this magazine always printed the word “Radio” with a capital R every time, regardless of where it was and how it was used in a sentence……

    • I’d be interested to talk to you more about that, Joseph. I’m curious of your perspective on radio’s “real issues” and how podcasting doesn’t add to them. Maybe we can take it offline, though.

  5. Next the industry needs a podcast called “Radio for Radio Dummies”. Gearbit towards management.

    You know who you are.

  6. Might this suggest that buggy whips are no longer viable?
    Radio must resist this podcasting fad as radio is dependant on the manufacture and distribution of buggy whips – with raw materials supplied by the lowest bidder.
    (I chide because I am a chider.)


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