Depression Discussed With A Dash Of Humor In Podcast


Hit podcast The Hilarious World of Depression is returning for a third season, featuring new celebrity interviews and audience discussion about mental illness. Hosted by John Moe, the series brings conversation about clinical depression out of the shadows while keeping things frank and funny. The series will debut its third season Monday, August 13, publishing new episodes weekly through the end of the year. Season Three’s premiere will feature celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern who has struggled with addiction and depression. 

“This is our audience season. We will continue to have celebrity guests and hear their stories, but we’re also going to have more of our listeners be part of the podcast,” said Moe. “That means episodes where The Hilarious World of Depression answers audience questions and allows them to share their thoughts. This show has evolved to become part of the mental health discussion, and that brings even more voices to the conversation.”

“Humor can open a door for a conversation about mental illnesses and begin the healing process,” said Donna Zimmerman, HealthPartners senior vice president for government and community relations. “The Make It OK campaign works to reduce the stigma of mental illnesses and we are delighted to continue our partnership to reach new audiences this season with messages of hope and recovery.”


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