13 Significant Numbers from Podcast Movement


In his latest blog, Steve Goldstein lays out what he sees as some of the biggest news from Podcast Movement in Philadelphia last week. He says there were all sorts of valuable numbers and statistics flying around the show. Here are a just a few that caught his attention….

Radio to podcast cume duplication is just 20% says Bonneville Salt Lake City’s Director of Audience Development, Sheryl Worsley.  Which means four out of five podcast listeners aren’t currently being reached by the company’s AM/FM radio stations which helps answer the often asked question of whether radio station podcasts are dillutive to radio listening.  We see other examples which support this notion.

17-18 million
NPR President Jarl Mohn told the crowd, NPR has 30 million listeners, 40 million unique NPR.org users and 17-18 million podcasts listeners. NPR is the finest example of multi-platform content distribution we have in the audio sector.

The percent of people unsure of how to listen to a podcast. This includes people who are interested in listening to podcasts, and those who don’t even know they have a podcast app on their phone. (Edison Research)

Less than 1%
Current amount of listening to podcasts on smart speakers.  Yes, is it is frightening low. The potential here is significant. We covered ways to grow podcast listening on smart speakers in a panel I moderated with top execs from NPR, Scripps, Spoken Layer, Beasley & Jacapps.  More later this week.  As Edison’s Tom Webster said, the low number is “a cry for help.”  (multiple sources)

For all 13 of Goldstein’s stats, check out his blog HERE


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