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The deregulation debate has been, and will continue to be, a heated one. Radio Ink has been right on top of it, keeping you informed about what the NAB is proposing and what broadcast CEOs in large, medium, and small markets think about another possible wave of deregulation.

As part of its 2018 quadrennial review that the FCC is required by statute to undertake, current media rules are being examined and may be modified. The NAB Board is calling for more deregulation of the radio industry. Not everyone agrees with the NAB’s plan. We’ve been covering this topic extensively.

Here are quick-links to those interviews…
Why These Small Market Operators Support Dereg: HERE
Why Radio Does Need More Deregulation (By Jeff Warshaw)
Why iHeart  Opposes More Deregulation: HERE 
Is Deregulation Really The Answer (By Deborah Parenti)
Read part 1 of our series HERE with Galaxy CEO Ed Levine.
Read part 2 of our series HERE with JVC CEO John Caracciolo.
Read part 3 of our series with Neuhoff CEO Beth Neuhoff HERE.
Read part 4 of our series with Cromwell CEO Bud Walter HERE.
Read part 5 of our series with Adams Radio Group CEO Ron Stone HERE.
Majority of respondents on Radio Ink Poll Do Not Support More Deregulation: HERE.


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