Final Witness Lists Released In Bubba Trial


If the Bubba The Love Sponge ratings tampering case actually begins on July 23 (it’s been delayed several times) we now know who will take the witness stand for both Nielsen and Bubba. Nielsen has accused Bubba (Todd Clem) of ratings tampering by making contact with at least one PPM panelist. They are asking for $1 million in damages. Bubba claims there was a conspiracy between Nielsen and Cox to set him up. Here are a few of the people both sides plan to call to the stand.

The Nielsen witness list includes Brad Kelly, Dave Willinski, Hassan Labib, Eric Rubenstein, John Snyder, and Bill Rose all from Nielsen, Brian Beasley and Joyce Fitch from Beasley Media, consultant Rhody Bosley, Keith Lawless from Cox Media Group, Bubba, and Nicholas Tabachuk who was the PPM panelist Nielsen accuses Bubba of contacting. The Bubba witness list includes Brian Beasley and Justin Chase from Beasley Media, CMG’s Keith Lawless, and Randy Michaels among others.


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