Jersey Pirate Fined $25K


This proposed penalty is against Winston Tulloch for his pirate radio station at 90.9-FM in Paterson, New Jersey. And it shows you just how hard it is to shut a pirate down when he doesn’t care what the government is saying. Tulloch had agents at his home in Paterson on several occasions between February of 2015 and June of 2017. Each time agents found the radio station in operation. Tullach finally shut it down in September of 2017. Read the entire 6-page FCC NAL HERE.


  1. Time to BREAK up all the frequency hogs that make it nearly impossible for anyone else to enter the broadcasting business. Klove on at least 10 different fm frequencies just around Sacramento not counting the Air One frequencies is crazy. They have Air one on two translators at the same tower location, one on 98.9 and the other on 99.1 whats up with that????? Time for this over reach to be ended! All around the country.

    • They won’t though. Translators are handed out to any and every corporate across the country and in many cases they get more then one per AM and even many FM stations for boosters. Around my area which is in a small rural community avast from most FCC cares and contacts translators aren’t even at the FCC’s registered coordinates and all are beaming crap like ESPN, CBS Sports Radio and other talk radio via satellite feeds which is hardly serving anything of our interests. So no I don’t feel too bad as an old engineer and ex broadcaster to fire up my own little part time radio service. Jesus, we need some diversity in this conglomerate radio culture that will air music and weather live.


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