Scaggs Switches Executive Roles At WAY Media


President & Chief Executive Officer John Scaggs has announced that current Nashville Station Manager and National Director of Business Development BJ O’Neal will join the executive team as Chief Development Officer, effective July 1. 

“June 2018 will complete 15 years of service with WAY Media. I’ve had the privilege during this time to serve in four different areas. In this next chapter, I look forward to bringing years of experience of creative income generation to the executive level. It’s truly an honor to join our leadership team and I’m excited to see how the Lord can use us all to expand his kingdom,” said O’Neal.

Scaggs added, “We are thrilled that BJ has accepted the role and challenge of helping accelerate our donor relationship efforts. I am amazed at how God has gifted him. His passion for Jesus and the WAY-FM mission is infectious. I can’t wait to see his hand of innovation applied and the outcomes of deeper relationships and the clarity of focus he brings wherever he goes.”


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