What Will Don Imus Do Next?


Thursday was Don Imus’ last radio show, ending a career that started in 1968. It wasn’t hours of Imus guests calling in and wishing him well, or telling him how much he was going to be missed. It was actually one live segment, played twice, where Imus tearfully thanked a lot of people — mostly the listeners, mixed in with best-of clips, some from this week, others with Imus in shouting matches with former sidekick Charles McCord (who retired in 2011) and others. One thing he did say that caught our ear was “I’m going to do one more big thing, I can tell you that.”

Imus didn’t give any specifics about that one more thing, and for sure he sounded as if he was truly done with radio. He said it was too hard to do and he was ready to spend his time with his wife and son and hit the rodeos.

Imus told his listeners, “You have no idea how much I am going to miss you.” That’s when he lost it and got very emotional. “I know in my heart there’s been nobody ever better on the radio than me. I mean that. I’m telling you how it is. Nobody ever did this – nobody – but it wasn’t me who did this. I’m gonna miss you. Because you were the one, and I don’t know who ‘you’ is. I always thought and still think I was always talking to one person. I didn’t know if you were male or female, I just knew there was one person that I talked to and that would listen to me.”


  1. My like sucks since I no longer have the I man. I have Fred stuff and a bobblehead Iman. There will never be another Imus in the morning. Still missing him.

  2. Imus is a man with a profound connection to kids. He was nice enough to share his Mike with me on his first day on NBC. He took my call as I wanted to get the word our on a young teenage cousin had left home for the big city. I-man allowed me to make my plea without delay. I’ll never forget him for the act of kindness. It certainly wasn’t a surprise when he opened the camp for kids with cancer.

    God bless the IMAN!

  3. Simply put? Imus was the best thing that ever happened to Radio. So now it’s radio to rodeo, as he walks away into the sunset, away from the most brilliant career that that medium ever produced. An American original. An icon. And, as a night owl myself, Imus was the only man alive, who could make me laugh out loud. Every. Single. Morning.

  4. It was so wondrful having a radio personality who was intelligent,honest with himself,and listeners,and who was very witty. My mornings suck without the Iman. You are sorely missed Don. God bless you,the Mrs.,and Wyatt.

  5. Imus had a segment where listeners would call in and plead a case for who should be “nuked”. One morning, a little girl called in and asked Imus to give the figurative nuke to a boy in her class wouldn’t go to the school dance with her. You could hear she was upset by it. Imus said that no, he wasn’t going to nuke that boy and that someday she would find a wonderful boyfriend. She very sincerely then asked, ‘Like you, Imus?’ And he laughed from his heart and said, ‘no not like me.’ and with love, wished her well…… So sweet, I still tear up thinking about it. Best to you, IMan.

  6. Don Imus’ retirement left a great gap in radio – especially AM radio. Never heard his show on New York radio, but was a loyal fan of the simulcast. Unfortunately, no station in my part of Texas carried his radio show, but I listened occasionally online. IMAN, you will be missed.

  7. Imus was the best period! I have missed him since he said goodbye and wish he would have never left. I hope he and his family are well…

  8. I still- always will- miss Don Imus on the radio – and loved the simulcast TV shows. He was the best. I learned so much while being entertained. He had an excellent cast of co-workers. Nothing even close on air anymore. I wish him the best but miss him so much.

  9. Imus was correct. He was the KING of radio!
    I miss Imus so much! Imagine what he would say about Washington now.
    Imus PLEASE let your fans hear from you! What about an interview with David

  10. Nearly a year now that the voice and mind of Imus is absent from the air. He was soooo effing smart and FUNNY! But, George Harrison is right, “All things must past.”
    I miss his entertainment and education very much. I pray his health isn’t failing and he can enjoy the growth of his children in his retirement. God bless.

  11. Was a fan of Imus from 1973-the end 2016!🙄😳 miss him very much! Fond memories of someone not afraid to speak his mind no matter what the cost to him always! Didn’t always agree with his politics but he had a great variety of guests once he no longer did his own Schlick!😀👍! Hope u r well I-man and enjoying your retirement with Deidre and time with Wyatt too! Feel good!

  12. Such a big morning void. Your show was the perfect answer to this crazy world. Laughter is key in life and your show filled that void when it came to news. Welcome to Texas!!! You have lots of fans here. Try to find some Texas sidekicks and do a show from your ranch…

  13. My husband introduced me to Imus in the morning. Loved his show. He could hold his own to anyone. Have missed him after he moved to Texas. Would love to see him one more time.

  14. Used to listen to Don at home in Toronto early in the morning until the skip from WNBC died out, then tv and on internet radio. On his last show he said he was like the Wolfman. No one can ever replace him.All the best Don.

  15. I’m surprised that Imus — such a brilliant man — used the word “that” instead of “who” when talking about his listeners, but Imey never did think of other people as actual human beings. And there is one more “big thing” coming soon — but it’s not coming from Imus. If anyone is interested, I have a big, fat, 480-page, coffee table book coming out in a limited edition (while I pitch agents and publishers form a wide distribution) about Imus and how he destroyed my broadcasting career (and me) when I was 26 years old at WNBC Radio in 1981. Visit my Facebook page at facebook.com/sam.katz.71 for more info, or the Author’s Guild website, members’ page, under the letter ‘K’ for Katz.

  16. Listening to Imus since early 70’s. Watched him on TV every day. What a guy!!!!! When he left to go Texas that was it for me. Now I’m sleeping later in the morning. I’d rather be a awake watching you. I want my favorite cowboy back on TV. How’s your buddy Dwight Y. doing. You also taught me a lot about Country music besides my husband who is a NYC cowboy. Come back

  17. Can’t put into words how much I’ve enjoyed Imus In The Morning. Still have the last few shows on Fox on my DVR. First off, your success in raising money for so many worthwhile charities, should definitely be noted. For years you and Diedra have succeeded helping worthwhile causes, especially at the Ranch. That has to feel so good inside. Thank you, Don, for putting yourself out there and entertaining us. The people you surrounded yourself with were so entertaining too. Looking forward to next chapter, and I’m sure something is in the horizon. Thank you, again…

  18. Glad your in Texas. It adds to the character of our lovely state.

    Thanks for all you have done to keep us entertained. No one does it better.

    Miss your show so much!

  19. I miss Imus…morning radio not the same. Tried Stern but except for interviews… his show is still in the bathroom

  20. Around 32 yrs coming thru my radio
    Every morning listening for a laugh or a New York cowboy point of view. I was
    Never disappointed.

    He is right
    Nobody can or will do what he did.

    Mr Don Imus is an American original
    And he is irreplaceable.

  21. I totally miss him in the morning I’ve been listening him over 20-something years it is not the same without him on the radio. Please come back on

    • Yes, I think he said she’s trying to put together a deal for a memoir that would include a “Best of” CD. I hope that’s what it is, anyway.


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