Charlie Steele Lands Ops Manager Gig With Dick Broadcasting


Dick Broadcasting, Myrtle Beach, has named Charlie Steele Operations Manager for WYAV-FM, WRNN-FM, WYMB-FM, WKZQ-FM, and WRNN-FM. Steele was previously PD for heritage Classic Rock station WQMF and Active Rock station WTFX in Louisville.

“I’m very excited to join John Sheftic and his team at DBC Myrtle Beach, and look forward to being a part of these great brands. Thanks to Dick Harlow and Jason Goodman for this opportunity,” Steele said.

“I feel extremely fortunate to find the perfect fit to lead our programming staff in Myrtle Beach through 21st-century challenges,” said Sheftic.

Steele officially hits the beach March 21.


  1. You have certainly gained an asset to your station ! Charlie Steele is the best. He has a wonderfully deep voice that IS radio! Enjoy~

  2. And congratulations to John Sheftic, too! When did he go from being the DOS for Curtis to being the GM at Dick Myrtle Beach?


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