An Appeal For A Radio Friend


(By Eric Rhoads) We all have friends whom we grew up with in radio and became close. For me, one of those people is KINK Portland PD Sean Demery. I hired him in Fresno when I was PD of KIOY. I was 22 he was 19. We’re both much older now and have shared friendship through our lives. Sean worked for me again at KLRZ Salt Lake and at RadioCentral Internet radio.

Three weeks ago Sean collapsed with a brain stem stroke. He is paralyzed, and only has eye movement in one direction. He is alert and aware of everything around him, but unable to communicate other than yes and no with his eyes.

Though everyone is hopeful Sean will recover some or all use of his speech and body, the odds are stacked against him statistically.

Imagine being a radio air personality and programmer where you made your living with your voice and ability to communicate and not being able to make a living.

Now, Sean’s comp time has run out, and they are rapidly burning what savings they had on incredibly large medical bills with no end in sight. Furthermore, they had closed on a home the day of the stroke, and with no income could face loss of their home.

In an attempt to help Sean I’ve requested fundraisers from previous stations where the listeners might remember his name. I’ve also created a GoFundMe campaign, which I’ve put out on my social media and through some of my blogs.

If you knew of and respected Sean, or just want to help, I know every five-dollar donation will be appreciated. Please consider visiting the campaign.


  1. I give my sympathies for Sean. I cant help but I hope and will pray for him. I too have struggling radio career and currently work a day job at a logistics warehouse unloading and loading furniture at ni imum wage. I am the most popular unemployed on air talent that us trying to make his comeback and still no such luck. For those who know me. Please help Sean and any radio personality get through. Please

  2. We’ve posted to our social networks and will continue to do so.
    This is the time for those of us in the industry to show our best.
    We must help Sean pull through.

    Ralph Scott
    Supervising Producer

  3. Prayers for this man and his family. Such sad news…such a burden for his family. It’s just another prime example why Health Care in America should not be a for-profit industry. America is too smug and arrogant to take a page from most of the rest of the civilized world. Heart-breaking on every front.


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