A Treasure Of Pirates


It was a busy few weeks for the Federal Communications Commission Enforcement Bureau, rounding up another 14 pirate broadcasters (in addition to the gift shop noted in the previous story). Five were located in Florida, seven in Massachusetts, one in New Jersey, and one in Brooklyn. The FCC, under Ajit Pai as chairman, has vowed to crack down on illegal radio operations and this Commission is keeping its word. Here are the details on the latest round of illegal operators.

Dony Joseph and Ali Isnor, Good Guyz Painting & Pressure Cleaning LLC, Pompano Beach, Florida at 98.5.
Delray Beach Investments in Delray Beach, Florida on 104.7 in Delray Beach.
Dominique Jean Louis of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida on 106.3 in Lauderdale Lakes.
Elizabeth Plaisime of Delray Beach, Florida on 95.1 in Delray Beach.
Jean Dumay of Sunrise, Florida on 92.7 in Sunrise.

Acerome Jean Charles and Concord Promo of Mattapan, Massachusetts on the frequency 100.1 in Brockton, Massachusetts.
New Fellowship Baptist Church in Dorchester, Massachusetts on 105.3 in Dorchester.
Patrick Jean Romain of Dorchester Center, Massachusetts on 90.1 in Mattapan, Massachusetts.
Michelle Joseph of Dorchester Center, Massachusetts on 105.3 in Dorchester.
Quinton Joseph of Dorchester Center, Massachusetts on 105.3 in Dorchester.
Dominique Donna of Randolph, Massachusetts on 92.1 in Randolph.
Tracy Wetmore of Everett, Massachusetts on 97.9 in Everett.

Geraldine B. Ballentine of Hackensack, New Jersey on 90.5 in Hackensack.
Kimberley Baptiste of Brooklyn, New York on 99.3 in Brooklyn.


  1. Well, thats the whole issue. And on top of that the FCC is handing out translators to all the AMs because the corporates are finding out they cannot make any revenue from their stations. Here the corporates do not even acknowledge their AM LEGAL frequency and AM, they are using their 250W translators as a LPFM. The FCC is such a twisted agency they are causing more harm on the spectrum with these allocations then would be pirates. Yeah the FCC comes in and fines some pirates but it is still cheaper to operate unlicensed and get caught then what it is to go through the legal channels. The only way to fight it at this point is to get more pirates on the air. I hope that for every one of them shut down there are 10 more that sign on. I am curious how many Jack FM stations there are across the country? Or K Loves?


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