Live From The Wildfires


The wildfires in California continue to take lives and property and several radio stations are dealing with trying to stay on the air to help provide information to their local communities. KZST (Santa Clara) owner Gordon Zlot tells the California Report he was sure his station was about to burn to the ground. He could see flames just a few feet from the building. “We’ve been here for almost 35 years,” he said, “and this is my whole life right here. I was fully prepared to walk away and have the building be in ashes.”

Zlot says his employees evacuated the building last week after trying to save what they could. They fought flames with their own fire extinguishers until the fire department finally arrived and put them out. Once the station was safe, the staff at KZST got to work providing the community with as much information as possible. And, for a lot of listeners, radio is the only way they are able to get their information.

Regional sales manager Frank Kulbertis even spent some time on the air. He tells listeners, “If you are up on the hills in Bennett Valley, you need to be evacuating. I know you don’t want to lose your home, nobody would want to, but life over property.”

Read the full article from The California Report HERE.
Picture courtesy The California Report.


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