Are Echo Users Listening To Radio?


According to NuVoodoo’s latest Ratings Prospects Study the answer is yes. The company surveyed nearly 3,000 people (ages 14-54) across all PPM markets. Of the 15.5% of the people who own one or more Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, 46% say they are listening to AM/FM radio through their devices.

Leigh Jacobs, Executive Vice President, Research Analysis, NuVoodoo Media Services said, “Our findings indicate a real opportunity for a renaissance of radio listening in the home with the proliferation of smart speakers, particularly with morning radio listening in bedrooms, where 46% have their smart speakers. While radio does an amazing job with morning content, the daily morning podcasts being offered up by NPR, New York Times, and many others are on a very level playing field with local radio for anyone using a smart speaker.”

Carolyn Gilbert, President, NuVoodoo Media Services, said, “Broadcast radio has a tremendous advantage, since once we’ve programmed Alexa for the skills we want her to have, we can train listeners how to access those skills using our airwaves. It’s like any other advertising or promotion we carry on the air. People will learn what to say to be able to listen to our new morning podcast – just like they learn which home services company to call to fix their air-conditioning.”


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