Jacobs Media Announces 2018 CES CEO Tour


After attending eight previous CES events, the Jacobs brothers believed it was important that radio’s leaders get a glimpse of the future of technology, media, innovation, automotive and more. And they organized their first CES CEO tour. Based on last year’s success, Jacobs Media now has an expanded tour package for CES 2018. Jacobs Media will be running two tours on consecutive days, open to all radio broadcasters.

“The tour was a real eye-opener for radio’s CEOs,” President Fred Jacobs said. “It’s important to step outside the broadcasting business to learn what’s around the corner and how technology will impact radio. We saw the dashboard of the future at Visteon, witnessed the future of audio in the home and in vehicles at Panasonic and Mercedes-Benz, explored smartphones and amazing video screens at Samsung, and even played guitars at the incredible Gibson exhibit. There was a lot of camaraderie, but also valuable insight into the gadgets, trends, and opportunities ahead for the radio business.”

Featured companies will be specifically selected by Jacobs Media to ensure relevance to radio broadcasting. “The tour removes the randomness and stress of attending a show of this magnitude,” says Fred Jacobs. “Our job is to organize a meaningful look at the innovations and technologies that matter to our industry, and we know where to go to maximize value and everyone’s time.”


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