Chicago Radio Does it Again


It’s quite surprising more markets are not copying what radio is doing in Chicago. If this kind of approach to promote the power of radio, and drive results for advertisers, is succeeding in the 3rd-largest market in America, you would think the same approach would work in many other markets. It takes a strong state association and radio market managers willing to work together, which is exactly what continues to happen in Chicago. Here’s what they’re doing with Chevy in the Windy City.

More than 40 Chicago radio stations will simultaneously air a 60-second interview with John Alfirevich, dealer operator of Apple Chevrolet and president of the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana Chevy Dealers Association, discussing how radio is a strong and proven channel for advertisers. The interview will air on Tuesday at 4:29pm. Alfirevich said, “Our association is dedicated to providing our Chevy dealers with exceptional marketing programs showcasing Chevrolet’s world class products in an honest and ethical way. Radio keeps Chevy engaged with the Chicago community, and provides that broad-reaching foundational piece to our marketing plan.”

iHeartMedia Chicago Region President Matt Scarano is chairman of the Illinois Broadcasters Association’s Radio Broadcasters of Chicagoland Committee. “The Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana Chevy Dealers are deep-rooted investors in Chicago Radio,” he said. “The RBC is committed to delivering tangible results to the Chevy Dealers and all of our valuable advertisers.”

Back in July, the radio stations aired a 60-second interview with Ed Wehmer, the founder, president, and CEO of Wintrust Financial Corporation, in conjunction with the committee’s Chicago Radio Drives Results initiative. The roadblock concept was first introduced by the RBC in 2016 via a 30-minute live conversation with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel during a Chicago Radio Town Hall Meeting.

Illinois Broadcasters Association CEO Dennis Lyle said each of these RBC Committee-organized roadblocks reinforces the incredible power and effectiveness of the medium of radio. “The advertising community has taken notice and this ongoing initiative has caught the eyes (and ears) of the nation’s radio community as well,” continued Lyle. “IBA’s RBC Committee has definitely raised the bar in a number of ways.”


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