He Grabbed My Bare A**


It had to be a record for the number of times the word a** and cheek were used in a federal courtroom. Taylor Swift took the stand Thursday and said she was 100% sure former KYGO morning man David Mueller assaulted her. “It was a definite grab. A very long grab,” she said. “He stayed attached to my bare ass-cheek as I lurched away from him.” Swift herself used the word “a**” dozens of times on the witness stand.

And she even drew laughter from the jury when she was being asked the same question repeatedly by Mueller’s attorney. At one point she said her bodyguard saw Mueller lift her skirt but someone would have had to have been underneath her to see the groping, and she added, “we didn’t have anyone positioned there.” Mueller’s attorney then asked if his client touched her in any other inappropriate way. She had another witty response ready. “Other than grabbing my bottom and refusing to let go, he did not touch me inappropriately.”

She was asked if she was happy Mueller was fired. Swift responded by saying she’s being blamed for “the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions, not mine.” “I don’t feel anything about Mr. Mueller. I don’t know him. … I think what he did was despicable and horrifying and shocking.”

Mueller was fired when Swift’s team alerted KYGO management that the alleged incident took place. A station investigation was conducted and Mueller was fired. He says he did not grope Taylor Swift, he may have accidentally touched her ribs getting into the photo, but he did not grab her. He’s asking for $3 million. Swift countersued, claiming Mueller assaulted her and is asking for a symbolic $1.



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