MPR Set To Do A “Flyover”


Minnesota Public Radio News is launching a new national show this fall: Flyover. The weekly, live, call-in show, hosted by Kerri Miller, will focus on the big issues of modern American identity and invite the perspectives of Americans in cities, towns, and rural areas. Miller will ground the one-hour show in a specific place, inviting public radio journalists from stations across America to discuss how this week’s topic is playing out where they live and work. Then the show broadens into a national conversation featuring expert guests and the show’s listeners. Throughout the show, Miller will take calls and social media comments from listeners.

“When Indivisible ended, we got feedback from many listeners that they wanted to continue this national conversation and – together with our public radio colleagues across the country – we’re well positioned to carry on this dialogue,” said Nancy Cassutt, executive director news and programming, MPR News. “Kerri has shown a great ability to bring out the issues and topics that matter most to people, but really, the most important voice on this program is that of the listener.”

Flyover will air live on public radio stations during its 12-week run on Sundays at 4 p.m. ET/3 p.m. CT, beginning Sept. 10 and running through Nov. 27.


  1. this show really sucks. has a total liberal LBGT whatever leaning to it. I can’t believe NPR would broadcast such a lame show. Philip Burge 30+ year NPR listener. Dallas, Tx


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