Good News From Your Advertisers


New findings from BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor survey has uncovered good news from small- and medium-sized businesses. More than 60 percent plan to increase advertising and marketing spending in 2017. This group of higher-spending businesses, on average, is now using 20.8 different media and platforms, which includes a number of new online categories BIA/Kelsey is tracking for the first time.

BIA/Kelsey tracks the spending intentions of Plus Spenders (SMBs that spend at least $25,000 a year on advertising and promotions) and Core Spenders (SMBs that spend less than $25,000 a year on advertising and promotions).

The survey results show that Plus Spender SMBs are split between preferring Do-It-Yourself digital advertising services, 39.0 percent, and Do-It-With/For Me solutions, 37.0 percent. The top 10 media used for advertising and promotion by Plus Spender SMBs include, in order of usage: Direct mail (66.3 percent), IYP (61.8 percent), Facebook (61.5 percent), website video (54.8 percent), community sponsorships (54.8 percent), Facebook ads (54.0 percent), Email (53.8 percent), giveaways (52.5 percent), cable (51.3 percent) and magazines (48.3 percent).

When SMBs were asked which advertising results were the most important, the top three results ranked over 50 percent, indicating Plus Spender SMBs have specific ROI expectations:
Emails (53.0 percent)
Website Traffic/Clicks (51.5 percent)
Phone Calls (50.5 percent)


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