The Power Of Audio


What if radio produced a video this professional and every station in America pushed it out via social media? Or a new one every month with different on-air talent and successful advertisers and happy listeners. Pretty powerful. Here’s what Spotify is doing to promote The Power of Audio.


  1. The producers of those vids might as well be speaking Swahili for all the impact they will have on radio’s leadership.
    The likes of Roy Williams, more recently, Bob McCurdy, along with this humble blogger, have been touting, not only the need for radio to start making such transformations, but the strategies to do so.
    Only indifference, ridicule and disdain has followed.
    Instead, “Best deals, best service and plenty o’ free parking. Buy now!” continues to be the benchmark.
    Is no one even a little embarrassed?

  2. In a mobile first world audio is undergoing a resurgence. Add voice activation and more connectivity than ever on out of focus devices consumers are listening to music talk and sports in more places than ever before. It is up to radio, streaming, and digital professionals to exemplify the power of audio as a tried and true method to reach listeners and consumers.


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