Radio’s Relationship With 15-24-Year-Olds Is Complicated


As he continues to leak out information about his new research, Alan Burns says radio has a complicated relationship with teens and 15- to 24-year-olds. Alan Burns and Associates and Strategic Research Solutions’ surveyed 2,000 women aged between 15 and 54. The data will be released in a series of four free webinars, the first one being Thursday. Here’s the teaser from Burns today.

Burns says teens still like radio. “Ninety of them say they at least like their favorite radio station, and nearly half (48%) love it. But they are a bit less likely to feel deeply understood by radio. And as tech-savvy as they are, 63% of them can now foresee a day when they won’t need to listen to radio for music – and that’s up strongly from 44% five years ago.

Burns and Associates EVP Jeff Johnson adds, teens are also the generation that most strongly dislike commercials. “That’s one of the reasons that in our study we find fewer teens listening to radio. The study found that 12% of teens do not listen to radio, compared to 6% of the total sample. Nonetheless, eight out of 10 (82%) of teens and 15-24s say they look forward to listening to radio and would be disappointed if they couldn’t, with the majority strongly agreeing with those statements.

The study, titled “What Women Want 2017 – Insights into Radio, Music, and New Media” surveyed 2,000 women aged 15-54 for their usage and perceptions of radio, pureplay music streamers, and other sources of music, including what audio drivers of connected vehicles listen to. Results are being released in a series of four webinars, with the first scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m. Eastern. You can register HERE


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