Trump Connects With FCC


The Hill reports that President-elect Donald Trump met with Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai over the weekend. Pai is expected to take over as chairman of the FCC — at least in the interim — once the current chairman, Tom Wheeler, steps down at the end of the week.

Trump has two positions on the FCC to fill: a GOP slot and Democratic slot — giving it a 2-to-1 Republican majority after Wheeler leaves and a 3-2 GOP edge after two new commissioners are added. Trump’s picks will be closely watched by the radio industry.

The meeting came a day after Multichannel News reported that Trump had signed off on a proposal to restructure the FCC, shifting many functions involving competition and consumer protection to the Federal Trade Commission. The proposal largely aligns with the philosophies of Pai and Michael O’Rielly, the other GOP member of the commission.


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