McIntyre Signs For Two More Years With KABC


Doug McIntyre is the host of McIntyre In The Morning on KABC in L.A. He’ll continue in that capacity for at least another two years.

Before radio, McIntyre spent 20 years as a television screenwriter and producer, including the series Married… With Children, WKRP in Cincinnati, Mike Hammer – Private Eye, and the PBS series Liberty’s Kids, which earned Doug a Humanitas Prize nomination for excellence in television writing.


  1. So happy Doug has Comittal for two more years. He is inform, bright, quick witted and hilarious. He is definitely one of my top favorite radio hosts. KABC, please sign him for another 5 years!

  2. Doug is like a member of our family. I feel like I know penny and the boys as well. My husband and I listen every morning. I listen to podcasts also. He is my all time fave as well, along with Ken and Bob (egbok). He is so knowledgeable about every topic! Doug can hold a very articulate, informed conversation with any guest. Loved his interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I’m overjoyed he’s been signed for 2 years too tho I wish it were for 10. I’m also overjoyed to hear Rob marenko again. The old team back together.

  3. Delighted to hear that my favorite radio talk show host will continue to provide us with his wit and wisdom for at least another two years!!


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