After Crazy Rant Station Bans Kanye


Sacramento station KHHM is no longer playing Kanye West songs after the artist took shots at the radio industry for getting paid to “play the same songs over and over again.” West then ended his show after only 30 minutes and after being 90 minutes late. Here’s what KHHM Music Director Justin “JayMarzz” Marshall said about the ban

The station posted a YouTube video of Marshall discussing the ban. In it Marshall says, “You’re going to go into Sacramento and say ‘F radio,’ really bro? Really? You’re the same guy 15 years ago that was begging radio to play you. And they did and they gave you a shot. Without radio you didn’t blow up to be the artist that you were. That you were, because you’re no longer that artist anymore. You’re no longer the guy pushing five million albums, selling millions and millions of singles.”

Refunds are being offered to those who attended the Sacramento show.


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