Forecast 2017: The Talk About Talk Radio


News/Talk radio is a delicate dance with lots of spins. How do you encourage the conversation and positions that drive ratings and buzz without offending skittish advertisers? How do you placate an angry sponsor without antagonizing your core audience?  Even more important, how do you prove that water-cooler discussion translates into actual listeners when the measurement methodology is not designed for your format? 

News/Talk is a risky undertaking with costly talent, passionate listeners, nervous advertisers, and a daily stream of potential controversy, yet its estimated 11 percent audience share make it a risk many companies feel is worth taking.  Learn to dance without stepping on any toes.  

At Forecast 2017 you’ll hear from Talk radio pros who have mastered the moves. You can drive revenue and keep your edge. Learn how at this lively, thought-provoking, discussion. 


nagler_harvey16Harvey Nagler, vice president of CBS Radio News, is responsible for CBS News’ radio operations worldwide, including news-gathering and programming and its relationship with its thousands of affiliated stations around the country. During his tenure at CBS Radio News, the network has won dozens of national and international awards. Before joining CBS Radio News, Nagler was director/news and programming for WCBS-AM Newsradio 88. During that time, the station achieved record ratings and was honored with many national and local awards for excellence in reporting. Nagler developed and implemented several practices that have since been adopted or imitated by hundreds of stations across the country, including the slogan, “traffic and weather, together on the ‘eights’” and “guaranteed weather,” and the broadcast of the Standard & Poor’s future numbers in each morning’s business report.


glicklich_brian16Brian Glicklich, president/CEO of How Handy Is That, advises broadcasters and other business leaders and celebrities on digital strategy and execution, both in crisis and beyond. Clients have included Jay Leno and NBC, Roy Disney in the Save Disney advocacy. Key competencies include managing corporate or personal crisis events, search engine/reputational issues, public affairs message advocacy, proxy contests, litigation communications, stalkers and gadflies, or other threats to client interests. Another business unit engages with high-velocity organizations on a long-term basis to develop, plan, and execute their digital model. Glicklich is also partnered with Kraig Kitchin in a broadcast talent management and advisory business as co-President of SoundMind LLC. Glicklich previously created and led the digital division of Premiere Radio Networks as SVP, creating the first digital businesses for a diverse group of broadcasters including Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Jim Rome, and a number of others. He also spent time at CBS and a couple of other broadcast organizations.

hobbs_gabe16Gabe Hobbs, president of Gabe Hobbs Media, is a 35-year radio veteran who has specialized in the news, talk, and sports formats for the past 20 years. From 1998 through 2008 Hobbs was responsible for the programming oversight of Clear Channel’s 275 news, talk, and sports stations. He also served as the in-house consultant for Premiere Radio Networks. Hobbs’ passion for working with talent has enabled him to launch careers in talk radio such as those of Glenn Beck, Lionel, Brian James, and others. His deep knowledge of media and emerging media platforms uniquely qualifies him to assess spoken word content and develop that content for deployment. He also offers lessons in crisis management and damage control. Hobbs currently serves on the board of directors for Music Tampa Bay and is a member of the Steering Committee for the National Radio Hall of Fame.

peleuses_zeus16Zeus Peleuses is the co-founder and chief growth officer of Veritone Media. His career spans over 25 years as a leader in the radio, broadcast sales, and agency space. He spent 15 years in the Southern California radio market, nine of which were at iHeartMedia/Los Angeles. Peleuses was a co-founder of ROI Media Direct, which was acquired by Veritone and renamed Veritone Media in 2014. He was instrumental in its growth into a superpower for endorsement radio and podcasts. Peleuses is widely recognized throughout the industry as the “go-to” for growing businesses and taking them to national brand status such as Uber, Dollar Shave Club, DraftKings, and LegalZoom. He has been an active member of YPO – WPO (Young Presidents Organization) since 2008.

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