NextRadio Survey: 58% Polled May Not Even Vote


To say voters are not very happy with their two major-party choices for President this year is not a news flash, and may be the understatement of the century. The folks at NextRadio say a recently conducted survey of NextRadio users found that 35% of the 3,700 respondents do not plan to vote, with another 23% answering they are undecided about voting. And here’s what NextRadio discovered when they dug deeper into radio formats.

From the undecided voters, 26% of Rock radio listeners are undecided, 25% of thenextradio-chart-oneCountry listeners are undecided, and 24% of Hip Hop, Classic Rock, and Hispanic listeners are undecided. Those who plan to stay home completely, 46% of Top 40 listeners, 41% from the country format and 39% from the Hispanic format. Of the listeners that plan to vote on election day, 74% listen to the News/Talk format, 56% listen to R&B, and 55% listen to Soft R&B and Sports.

The survey, conducted from June 16 to July 6, was sent to 40,000 NextRadio users. 3,700 users responded, which is a 10% response rate.

Check out the full NextRadio survey HERE


  1. “Voting is part of the price of citizenship.”
    That is a paraphrase of the Austrailian model. In OZ, there are penalties for not voting.
    In this case – the American election – it could be argued that influencing, even persuading people to stay away from the voting booths does serve somebody’s purposes.
    The Canadian electorate, meanwhile, shares similar attitudes. It has been broadly speculated that the “no shows” were partially responsible for the election of an out-of-control Liberal majority. Another Conservative government was assumed. Imagine the shock! Even the government-funded national broadcaster, The CBC (The Ministry of Truth) was reeling at the result. Gleefully to be sure, but still surprised.
    In other words: People who do not collect baseball cards can claim no input as to the value of those cards.


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