Nasty Political Atmosphere Drives Morning Host to Walk


The Leader-Telegram in Wisconsin has the details about Mid-West Family morning man John Murphy who quit on the air last week. Murphy has been on the air in Eau Claire for 34 years, the last 14 as co-host of the “WAYY Morning Show, where local and national politics are discussed and debated. Murphy told the paper he was done putting up with all the ugliness of today’s politics.

“I’m through doing this show as it is. It started with a lot of Trump and Clinton stuff, but now that same kind of vitriol is starting to permeate our local races and local issues. After a while, day after day and week after week, that starts to wear on you.”

Murphy told the paper he’s hoping the station can find a revised role for him that may or may not include hosting a show with an altered format. “Maybe we can come up with something that’s agreeable and turns off this faucet of poison.”


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