Peter Bordes Expected to Join Beasley Board


In that SEC filing, information about the new Beasley board, once the deal closes, was detailed. The Beasley Media Group Board of Directors will increase from eight members to nine and that extra slot will be filled by Peter Bordes Jr. He was chosen by Greater Media stockholders to fill that slot. The 53-year old Bordes is part owner of Greater Media. His father Peter Bordes senior started the company. Here’s more detail on Bordes Jr.

Peter Bordes, Jr., is the co-founder of oneQube (formerly known as Internet Media Labs Inc.) where he has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2011. Prior to founding oneQube, Mr. Bordes was the CEO of MediaTrust from 2008 to 2011. Mr. Bordes is a part owner of Greater Media, where he has served as a director since 2008. Mr. Bordes served much of his career in the banking and venture capital industries. Mr. Bordes has served as a director of PeekYou LLC since 2010 and OCEARCH since 2014.



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