DMR To Study Podcasting


With the recent explosion of podcast listening, DMR Interactive has decided to embark on a new study. The company is teaming up with Texas A&M University’s Digital Media Research and Development Lab to examine the podcast space during the 2016-2017 academic year. The result will be The Download on Podcasting, a series of insights and perspectives released during the next 12 months.

Areas to be studied include the effort to develop industry-wide audience metrics, increased competition for talent and audience, the continued role of consumer mobility in distribution and consumption, and case studies of best-in-class podcasts.

According to Andrew Curran, President and COO of DMR/Interactive, “Radio’s traditional capital-intensive barriers to entry, including an FCC license, broadcast tower, and studio facility, don’t exist in the same way anymore. As a result, the theory of scarcity has undergone a paradigm shift to a model built on abundance.”


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