WERO Hosting 2nd Annual Tuition Mission


It’s called Tuition Mission; a 3-day event in Greenville, NC, in which students compete for a $5,000 scholarship and $1,000 for books and supplies for a school of their choice. Hosted by Alpha Media’s Bob 93.3 WERO, the competition is comprised of a variety of challenges, beginning with a field of 15 and continuing until all but the winner have been voted out by the other students.

Alpha Media Market Manager Larry Weiss said, “Tuition Mission is the ultimate live and local event. We are thankful we can offer this opportunity to a deserving student thanks to our participating sponsors.”

“This was a huge opportunity to make local radio shine and touch the community in a way only radio can deliver. I am proud of our team who worked long hours every day to pull Tuition Mission off without a hitch…We can’t wait to be a part of the third annual Tuition Mission, coming in the summer of 2017,” remarked Program Director Chris “Hollywood” Mann.


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