Why Doesn’t Radio Get Any Respect?


Dick Taylor has a new blog up on his website. In the piece Taylor says, despite radio being the biggest word of mouth form of advertising in the marketplace today, it still doesn’t get the respect it deserves. “Radio is like the Rodney Dangerfield of media; it doesn’t get any respect.” Taylor also calls himself a disciple of The Wizard of Ads, Roy Williams. “He has long preached there really are no bad marketing channels only bad messages.” See exactly what Taylor is talking about in his latest blog posting HERE


  1. Another “old Radio Guy” here, sick and tired of radio wannabes like “observer” who are too embarrassed to use their real names, bad-mouthing our industry. If he thinks reaching 97% of adults weekly is a “dying medium”, I know why he was fired and the industry certainly doesn’t miss him.

  2. Not only can/does radio work like a damn – in spite of radio’s best attempts to sabotage the messaging – it has an innate and powerful “majic” about it that is consistent with the brain accessing of audiences. (Yes, SCIENCE!)
    The crime and disappointment is in that radio refuses to research and/or exploit these magnificent potentials to influence.
    Conclusions drawn from the most meager of surface-evidence and already-accepted but unproven “truths” are left wide open to criticisms and derision.

  3. You have absolutely no hard evidence that the spot you sold and ran actually drove behavior. At best, it may have only reinforced a decision a consumer already made, if the consumer was actually listening at all. I switch stations as soon as a commercial comes on or I hear a DJ begin to speak.

    I find it quite disingenuous to claim this dying medium generates any “results” other than those aimed solely for the benefit of the radio station’s bottom line.

    Seriously though, if you want the Detroit plant, I’ll throw Cleveland in too. You can make brick cell phones and parachute pants there.

    • Observer sounds like a “formerly in radio” type. Probably got fired. Why else would he read RadioInk? He “switches stations as soon as a commercial comes on or a DJ begins to speak.” Do us a favor and stay with your iPad. We won’t miss you.

  4. As another “old radio guy” I strongly disagree with your statements. I have one word to say…”results”. Say what you want about old media, the fact is, I see the “results” that radio delivers every day. Yes, I’m a radio station owner so I will admit bias…but I invite you to talk to local business owners who spend their money on radio advertising. I have also placed advertising for advertisers on TV and print. Each and every time, the advertisers tell me to put the majority of their budgets in radio because it works better than print and TV. Has the internet changed radio??? Definitely. It’s made us stronger. online and radio advertising complement each other, especially when the online advertising is promoted by radio. Sorry guy, you can’t argue with results.

  5. Another old guy saying “radio doesn’t really suck as much as people think”. That’s one hell of a marketing slogan.

    Old guys, it’s time to get over it. The 80’s are long gone, and radio is an antiquated concept. If you still refuse to believe that, then I’ve got some manufacturing facilities in Detroit I’d like to sell you.


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