Actor Robert Davi to Replace Jerry Doyle


Robert Davi is taking over Jerry Doyle’s syndicated radio slot at TRN Enterprises. Doyle passed away unexpectedly at the age of 60 last month. TRN CEO Mark Masters says Davi brings a widely recognized background in entertainment, music and American culture, along with clear perspectives on the problems facing America, to the airwaves. “Robert is irreverent, endlessly funny, yet always keeps you on the edge of your seat – he makes the speakers disappear” and in radio this ability is rare beyond jewels”.

Masters said, “We continue to mourn the loss of Jerry Doyle, who truly can never be replaced.   We do, however, welcome the powerhouse unique presence, talent and perspectives that Robert Davi brings to this role. I sincerely believe that this is a situation in which the passing of one legend is resulting in the launch of a new legend in the making.”

Davi’s acting legacy includes roles such as memorable villains, as the Columbian drug lord, in the Bond film “License to Kill.” He’s also been in “Showgirls”, “Die Hard”, “The Goonies”, “Kill the Irishman”, “The Iceman”, “Profiler”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Without a Trace”, “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, “Criminal Minds”, the latest installment of Expendables 3, “Stargate Atlantis”, and over 130 other films.


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