“We Know What We’re Doing and We Do It Well”


Revenue increased less than 1% to $28.6 million for Saga’s radio division in Q2. CEO Ed Christian said he feels like things are stuck in third gear. “It’s not the driver. We just seem to have trouble getting into fourth gear. There are some wicked winds pushing against the radio industry and the economy. We’re all having trouble inching forward.” Christian also said…

Christian added, Broadcasting is still a reliable medium. “Both radio and television have the reach, and unlike digital we know we honestly reach our listeners.” That was certainly a reference to the fraud that takes place on the digital side.

For the quarter Saga’s radio division took in $147,000 in political revenue, about even with last year and Christian expects that to pick up moving forward. Company-wide, free cash flow increased 15.6% to $6.5 million. Operating Income increased 12.6% to $8.4 million. In the 30 years Saga has existed, Christian says, “There is no time this company has not been profitable. We know what we’re doing and we do it well.”




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