Meyer Swats Away Pandora Question


After a week that saw Liberty Media, which has a 64% stake in Sirius, reportedly make an offer for Pandora, it was inevitable that SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer was asked about that possibility. His first response to an analyst question was, “Go ask Liberty. CEO Greg Maffei can certainly answer that question.” Meyer went on to say that he’s been very, very clear. “We look at everything hard, and you should assume we know an awful lot about Pandora and every other streaming company.” Meyer had much more to say…

He said SiriusXM is a very different company than it was three or four years ago. “We have the resources to deal with streaming.” He went on to praise former Slacker CEO Jim Cady who now runs the SiriusXM streaming division. “We don’t need to acquire anyone to further our streaming vision.” Meyer went on to say that research shows that when listeners leave SiriusXM, they are going back to AM/FM radio. “What we play around with here is the fact that radio is a $25 billion business. We are $5 billion and the other $20 billion goes to a free service. We look at should we continue to try to get a bigger piece of that pie. We don’t need to make an acquisition of a streaming company.”

Meyer says streaming is a transport not competition. It’s not going to be either/or. “This stuff will co-exist together. We’re going to combine the best of both worlds. In the end, I don’t care how they (consumers) listen. I just care that they listen and the pay. How they do it does not matter to me.”

Meyer did go on to say that he believes Pandora has the best chance of being profitable out of all the streamers.


  1. You can’t argue with an idiot!

    But what the hell; I suppose if you write a check to Siriusxm (the house that Stern built) every month you might think so.

    But only idiots think that is REAL RADIO. REAL RADIO has been FREE for over 100 years!

  2. Radio is NOT a free service. That’s nonsense. It’s paid for by advertising that is in turn paid for by a percentage of what is built into the cost of goods and services that we pay for.

    Also, the mere act of listening to stacks of commercial is a kind of “payment.” It is certainly a sacrifice of time. And time is valuable. To some, “time is money.” If streamers charge so that people don’t have to listen to commercials, obviously there is a cost to listeners — one which many are willing to buy their way out of. “Opportunity cost.”

    If you morons need help with this industry, you’re going to have to hire some people with brains, not just BS.



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