Nielsen Reported Radio Is Strong With Millennials


It was less than two months ago that Nielsen sent out a report on Millenials that stated in the average week, radio reaches 89% of “On Their Own Millennials.” And that number rises to 92% among Millennials who are starting a family. Nielsen stated that, on average, radio reaches nine out of 10 Millennials each week.

Even back in May, Nielsen was not buying that radio was missing out on the Millenial generation because of the proliferation of media options available to them. “Millennials account for 66.5 million radio users each week. And no matter which life-stage Millennials are in, nine out of 10 listen to radio weekly. That’s where ungrouping them can help advertisers, agencies, and radio stations understand each group more closely so they can develop meaningful radio advertising that appeals to this large and varied group of young consumers.” Here’s how Nielsen ungrouped them for their study which you can read HERE

Nielsen separated the 18 to 34 (which is much broader than the Music Biz survey which only included 15 to 19-year-olds) crowd into three different groups:
Dependent Adults (those living in someone else’s home).
On Their Own Millennials (those living in their own home without children), and Starting a Family.
Millennials (those living in their own home with children).


  1. Yet again, heads of radio bury their heads in the sand and try to omit what’s really happening! This is obviously an attempt to hide the reality – younger people are listening more online, it makes sense. This is just radio serving radio, trying to counter/cover up studies that go against their best interests.

  2. Here We Go Again!
    Every now and then, some net-biased entity warns of the demise of radio, submitting specious “evidence” of how this group or that group is not listeing to radio as much as the Real-Radio © wanna-bes on line. Once again, we heard this week about how Millennials are not getting new music from radio but on-line. Give me a break! When professional ratings companies submit their research, it is clear that radio is far and away the best and often only leader in this spectrum of the audio experience.


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