Cumulus Birmingham Giving Away A Rifle


It’s actually a gift certificate to win a rifle at a local gun shop because the station is not a licensed gun dealer and cannot give away the actual rifle. This image is how the giveaway is being promoted on the Talk 99.5 website. Host Matt Murphy tells, “This is a way to break down some of the miscellaneous beliefs about this type of gun (The Bushmaster XM15).”

The gun costs $959.19 after taxes. If the winner fails the background check, they can use the gift certificate for other items at the local gun shop.

Murphy tells the station wanted to reinforce the idea that guns are not the problem. “It’s the individual without proper training and respect for the gun. Functionally, there’s nothing different about this gun and a hunting rifle…Long-guns account for a minuscule portion of violence. Handguns account for the most.” He said mental health, violence in America, and extremist views should be blamed for the country’s mass shootings instead of assault weapons.


  1. If the winner of the gun accidentally kills someone, is the station liable? Just one of those things to run by an attorney.


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