$10,000 Public Inspection Fine Stands


The Commission has upheld the fine against Peconic Public Broadcasting’s WPPB-FM in Southampton, New York, denying the station’s request for the Commission to reconsider. The station missed 13 quarterly issues programs from 2010 to 2015.

The station asked the Commission to reduce the fine by applying the “hard look” waiver, stating the violations were entirely inadvertent. And Peconic stated its previous clean record and other factors such as the “local nature of the broadcast service provided, and the value of the service provided to the community,” should mitigate the forfeiture amount.

The Commission did not buy any of that and upheld the $10,000 fine.
Read the full FCC order HERE


  1. Shows the absurdity of the public file requirements. If a public broadcasting station is not operating “in the public interest,” who is?

    But then, this is all about control and government greed.


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