Another Way To Improve Your Local Talent


The last few weeks we have discussed two key factors that impact the success and failure of talent coaching. Empathy and vibe are two important priorities that need consideration when you are sitting down to manage your talent.

Today we are going to raise the importance of listening skills and asking the right questions of your talent. Listening and communication go hand in hand and we frequently underestimate how both are connected.

When you are interacting with your talent, be extremely conscious of the fact that you need to listen deeply to what they are saying. Put your mobile device away and make the talent feel their deserved importance.

Too often the talent coach comes in only with their agenda and they fail to realize it is a two way communication. Realize that a great way to start the coaching session can occur by simply asking the talent: “How would you like to grow your brand this month?”

The talent coach shouldn’t go in with the mentality that they have to prove how smart or right they are about things. Go into the session with a true desire to listen deeply. It’s just as important to have the mindset that it’s a priority to ask the right questions rather than being in a “tell “mode.

The art of the open-minded question process invites a candid self-assessment by the talent and provokes a positive thought process for the entire organization. When a coach asks an excellent question, the talent has a better chance of being engaged and stimulated toward continuous improvement.

The coaching process has to ultimately be built on a trust which, over time, leads to more engagement, connection, creativity, and success.

Sometimes, when the coach and the talent get mired in a topic that is only about frustrations, the coach needs to switch to another topic by asking the right question about opportunities or solutions.

Keep it simple. Listen, pay attention, and ask your talent the right questions to help them realize their potential.


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