NAB, NY Broadcasters Praise


After reading the “Enforcement Advisory” sent out by the FCC, several organizations declared their support for the government’s attempt to tackle pirates. Both the NAB and the New York State Broadcasters Association issued statements.

New York State Broadcasters Association President David Donovan said, “We are delighted the Enforcement Bureau has issued an advisory stating that it will enforce its current rules against illegal pirate radio operations. Moreover, the Enforcement Bureau makes it clear that illegal pirate radio stations harm the public by causing interference to licensed stations and interfering with life-saving EAS messages. We thank Commissioner O’Rielly for his efforts in bringing this issue to the forefront, and the Chairman and all Commissioners for their support. We hope the advisory will be accompanied by a commitment from the FCC to devote more Enforcement Bureau resources to combat this ever-increasing problem.”

And the following statement was issued by the NAB. “NAB salutes FCC outreach to public safety, law enforcement, and landlord and advertiser groups in the effort to eliminate illegal pirate radio operations. Pirate radio is a blight on the public airwaves and needs to be eradicated immediately. NAB is pleased that this action signals an increased FCC focus on this important issue, and also looks forward to working with Congress to enhance the tools at the FCC’s disposal to crack down on this illegal activity.”


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