FCC Sends Out Pirate Warning


The letter, which you can read HERE, was distributed to organizations such as the National Association of Residential Property Managers, the National Association of Realtors, the National Property Management Association, and the Rental Property Owners Association. The letter is an attempt to inform these groups, and others (see below), that while they may not know a radio station needs a license from the government, that it is illegal and they should not aid pirate operators in any way. And in fact they could get in trouble for helping them.

The letter says, “Pirate radio operators seek support from landlords or advertisers, including nightclubs, concert promoters, and local merchants. Providing support for such illegal activity could not only damage the reputation of such businesses, but could expose them to FCC enforcement or other legal actions. FCC rules require licensed broadcast stations to identify themselves each hour using their FCC-assigned call signs, as close to the hour as possible. If the station does not identify with a call sign, it may be a pirate operation. If it does identify with a call sign, you can look up the station using the call sign on the FCC’s Consolidated Database System.”

Here’s a list of where The FCC sent its informational letter:
United States Conference of Mayors
National Association of Chiefs of Police
International City/County Management Association
Association of National Advertisers
Advertising Self-Regulatory Council
National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
National Association of Residential Property Managers
American Association of Advertising Agencies
National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
National Association of Attorneys General
American Advertising Federation
National Association of Realtors
National Property Management Association
Rental Property Owners Association
The Advertising Club of NY


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